Helps Protect Teeth

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Sugarfree gum complements a healthy oral care routine by helping to protect teeth. That's why Orbit introduced Orbit for Kids. Now parents have a fun and convenient on-the-go oral healthcare option to complement their children’s daily brushing routines.

The Benefits of Chewing Gum

Chewing Sugarfree Gum
Helps Protect Teeth

Chewing Orbit for Kids sugarfree gum helps protect teeth by stimulating saliva flow, neutralizing plaque acids and helping to clean teeth of food debris. Recommend Orbit for Kids to patients as a fun and easy way for parents to help complement their children’s oral care routine.

Orbit for Kids Packaging is
Designed for Families

Parents can easily store and share convenient micro Pack Multipack Bags. Each bag is filled with 10 micro Packs, the perfect size for parents to give their kids. Also available in regular envelopes. Choose from two kid-friendly flavors—Original Bubblegum and Strawberry Banana.

Orbit for Kids Contains
15% Xylitol

Orbit for Kids contains Xylitol, which is recognized by dental professionals to have oral care benefits.

Orbit Fits Your Life
  • Chewing sugarfree gum is a healthy on-the-go component of a well-rounded oral care routine.
  • Orbit for Kids is perfect for parents looking for a fun, convenient and healthy complement to their child’s daily oral care routine.
  • If your patients are interested in more information, have them visit
Available in select stores starting May 2013, and nationwide by July 2013.